Guide financial information

Guide financial information

The financial information is presented in four major reports: balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and statements of shareholders’ equity. The balance sheet shows the assets and liabilities of a company. The income statement shows the amount of money a company makes and spends a period of time. The statements of cash flows explain the activity during the period of time in the cash account of the company. The net worth statement describes the changes in the equity structure of a company.

Learn to navigate the financial statements

To examine how the balance sheet accounts change over time, examines the state of cash flows, income statements and statements of shareholders’ equity.


A balance sheet is a photograph of a financial condition of the company at any given time. The balances reported the group’s assets and liability accounts in the rankings, including current assets, long-term investments, property, plant and equipment, intangible assets, current liabilities and long term liabilities. The balances measure the liquidity of assets and the ability of the company to meet its obligations when due. A net worth statement represents a summary of account activity that keeps track of investments of shareholders in the company.

Statement of Income

The income statement measures the operating performance over a given period or related to the purchase and sale of inventory or services of the company activities. This statement also shows the costs and expenses associated with earning that income. In the famous “final result” of the state’s net income or loss of the company are presented, which is the best description of the performance of the company.

Cash Flow Statement

The statements of cash flows reported inflows and outflows of cash a company. This report explains details of how the cash balance at beginning of period became the cash balance at the end of the period. The cash flow statement is an important report because it shows whether the company has enough cash to pay its expenses and assets purchase. While a statement made whether a company has earnings, a statement of cash flows do know if the company generates cash.

Performs additional analysis

Read the notes to the financial statements for more information about accounting policies, options, taxes on income and retirement policies. MD & A or Discussion and Analysis of the Administration, contains more detailed information on the financial performance of the company and market trends in general. Calculate proportions and evaluates the company benchmarks in the industry. Expose all elements and determines how changes in a statement influencing others.