Dangers of not whiten teeth with professionals

Many people seek to have a perfect smile and therefore undergo the treatments they think necessary to achieve it. One of the most used is that of teeth whitening.

Whitening is increasingly offered by more non-specialized centers such as aesthetic or hair removal clinics with non-dental personnel, with the dangers that this entails for patients.

These treatments are not safe and that carried out by non-specialists can have consequences for patients such as “burns, mucosal alterations or tooth sensitivity.

In this way, the teeth are not rid of the fever of the aesthetic clinics that have been in our society for years. These centers offer lower prices and promise practically unattainable results. They are the perfect bait for those who want it good, beautiful and cheap.

All whitening treatment must be prescribed by a dental health professional.

The most commonly used method for teeth whitening treatments is hydrogen peroxide and carbide peroxide. But these products have their dangers and should only be used by dental professionals.

Caution with miracle products

The miracle products, so well-known for example for thinning attempts, also exist in this case of tooth whitening. Certain pastes and products to “have white teeth” can be dangerous. These products are high abrasive content pastes whose function is to eliminate stains.

In short, as is the cause whitening treatments, aesthetic surgical interventions, etc. everything must have a way of being done that does not endanger the patient’s health.

The search for savings of a few dollars in beauty and aesthetic treatments can have short or long-term repercussions, in some cases irreversible that make it not worth the risk.