3 Reasons why people do not go to the dentist

Despite the importance of regularly go to the dentist so that it helps us to maintain good oral hygiene, many people usually do not. The reasons for deciding not to go to the specialist are several, and here the main.

Fear of pain

Perhaps the most common of all is precisely this: the fear of pain. And it is that even though most dental procedures are not invasive or painful, the popular belief is that they are.

This myth is often due to several factors, such as personal experiences of pain with a doctor (either dentist or other specialist), or even a friend or relative who has told us of his own bad experience with the doctor.

A study in 2004 led to an outcome that about 30 of those interviewed by the way patients feels fear of pain. One fear of going to the dentist is that procedure means the effect of anesthesia is over, and begins to feel the pain.


Another major reason why people choose not to go to the dentist is shame. In fact, a study that year found that 27 out of 30 patients reported to shame as a fundamental reason why they do not go to this specialist.

Of course, it is quite reasonable cause, because when you go to the dentist leaves his mouth fully exposed for medical inspection. Fear occurs mainly when people think (or know) that does not have good oral hygiene, and is afraid of the dentist deemed by this fact.

Loss of control

Finally, another reason is the feeling of loss of control experienced by the patient in the clinic. This happens because while it is being reviewed or you are performing some kind of procedure, the patient has no control over what happens in their mouth.