Champion denture

Oral hygiene is key for high performance athletes. It’s not just a pretty smile. For a high performance athlete, oral hygiene is a determining factor.

Bad oral hygiene can predispose to pulls caused by streptococcus mutants, a bacterium that looks for the right means to develop in the mouth, first in the enamel and if you do not brush your teeth, the mouth becomes more acidic, then Staphylococcus develops, penetrates the enamel layer and attacks the dentine, which degrades faster because it is softer than enamel, destroys dentin and enters the vascular package.

In addition, the very practice of high performance sport, causes this bacteria to reproduce and cause damage, not only in the mouth. “When training, the heart rate accelerates and there is more circulation of blood in the body. This staphylococcus begins to circulate through the body and lodges in connective tissues, collagen or muscles and predisposes to injuries, tears, pulls, ligament distention , or even bacterial endocarditis, due to infection, that is why proper oral hygiene is important for everyone in general and especially for athletes.

The tooth is an extension of bone, either from the jaw or from the jawbone, if you were a boxer and you have a second degree decay in a lower molar, at the time of the fight, in case of receiving an impact in that area, cause a fracture in the molar and therefore in the jaw, so it is important that a boxer does not have decay, they are not allowedb to fight anyone in such a condition, but the same request should be made in all contact sports.

In cycling, the possibility of falls is very high, so I recommend that you use mouth guards, the same in the water polo, which is a very contact sport and in all cases of course, wash your teeth three times a day and use mouthwash in the morning and evening.

The consumption of energy drinks or moisturizers with acidic pH; the dehydration that causes the reduction of the flow of saliva; High intake of glucose-rich foods or chemicals used in training pools can stimulate caries. Therefore, for an athlete to have a perfect denture, it goes beyond aesthetics.