Chewing gum, enemies of the dental health of the little ones

Advantages of chewing gum for children

The main advantage is that chewing gum helps to produce a greater amount of saliva, so it favors digestion and not having a dry mouth, in addition to reducing anxiety and hunger, and is a way to prevent children from being itching at the wrong time.

In addition, it is a very common method to help them reduce nerves. Chewing gums that have xylitol, also help to strengthen the enamel, slow down the appearance of plaque or even provide calcium phosphate. At other times, some doctors may recommend them for some types of otitis.

In addition, if we do not have a toothbrush at hand, it may be useful to chew gum since it will clean your teeth even if it is not a total substitute for brushing.

Disadvantages of chewing gum in the smallest

As it has advantages, it also has different drawbacks to your health, especially if its use is abused.

In addition, when swallowed and chewed to avoid the anxiety of eating, can cause gas and therefore gastrointestinal problems. In addition, even in some cases, if its use is exceeded it could influence the development of the jaw, while it can cause headaches, ears and molars, so its use is not recommended the child under 4 years.

Therefore, the decision is in your hands about letting you chew gum or not on your child, since you already have all the advantages and disadvantages of your consumption.