Child stress, enemy of the teeth

In recent years there has been a worrying increase in stress among the youngest, with figures of 8% in the child population and 20% in the adolescents. The reasons for this increase are due to factors such as social and academic pressure, after-school classes, the acceleration of learning and the concern to improve. And these levels of stress severely affect oral health.

We know that the body’s reaction to stress is very varied but one of the most sensitive parts is the oral cavity. The picture of childhood stress includes psychic effects such as compulsive eating and rich in sugars and behaviors such as the appearance of harmful habits (sucking the finger, biting the lip, bruxism, lack of hygiene …) that directly affect oral health.

Periodontal disease, which causes inflammation and bleeding of the gums that can be linked to anxiety, is one of the first symptoms of stress in children’s dental health. This condition can lead to gingivitis, with a greater accumulation of bacterial plaque and even loss of dental support bone. Other associated problems are sores, thrush (ulcers), herpes, malocclusions or various injuries.

For all this it is essential to detect and treat stress in children to avoid suffering in adulthood. For this, oral reviews can be of great help since the dentist is, in many cases, the one that detects the associated pathologies.