Coffee makes teeth whiter?

It offers an interesting approach but it needs to be confirmed by additional studies.

 Coffee reduces the action of bacteria

Some constituents of coffee reduce the action of bacteria by preventing their adhesion to the teeth and therefore have beneficial effects on oral health. In this context, it would seem appropriate to extract some of these compounds to introduce them into preventive treatments of carious lesions and dental hygiene products, such as toothpastes.

Be careful, however: the coffee will not remove the carious lesions. And it is not either by drinking coffee all the time that we will reduce the number of cavities. It’s the same as for wine: just because some components of wine are good for health does not mean that you have to drink a bottle a day.

In addition, if you have a daily consumption of coffee, it is better to opt for a concentrated and sugar-free product, the latter inhibiting its benefits.

 But no, it will not make your teeth whiter

As for the effects of coffee on teeth whitening, it’s totally wrong. Excess consumption of coffee will, on the contrary, lead to tooth staining, due to the tannins, which are also present in the tea. The coffee will therefore make no teeth whiter.

We already knew the beneficial effects of certain products on oral health. This is for example the case of tannins, which, beyond the coloration of teeth, have interesting effects. Cocoa contains fluorine, which strengthens the resistance of tooth enamel. But this is true only for pure cocoa, and it does not mean that I would recommend eating three chocolate bars a day…!

Be that as it may, and if you only take into account the few studies on this subject, at present, nothing beats a good brushing of teeth with fluoride toothpaste morning and evening for two minutes. It’s still the best prevention element we have!