Dental enamel what is it and what is it for

Dental enamel covers every tooth and protects it from possible damage, and is vital for good dental health. Enamel is a hard substance that is found in the lining of the teeth, and is the visible part of the teeth. Being a translucent substance is partly responsible for the color of the teeth. The hardest substance in the human body is enamel, it is harder than bones; even so, it can deteriorate when it is exposed to acids and bacteria, and it does not regenerate.

The main purpose of enamel, as we have already mentioned, is to protect teeth from possible damage when eating. The nerves in the teeth are also sensitive to cold and heat, and the enamel prevents the pain and discomfort that occurs if these nerves come into contact with hot and cold foods and drinks.

Although the enamel is very hard at the same time it is quite fragile and can suffer breakage and peeling that give rise to a strong dental sensitivity when the dental nerve remains exposed to cold, heat and sweet foods.

In addition to breaking, enamel is also susceptible to deterioration. There are some foods that should be avoided if you want to protect your tooth enamel.

One of the most harmful things for tooth enamel is soft drinks, since both sugar and acids dissolve the enamel. Soft drinks with citrus flavors are more acidic and therefore more harmful than others, although sports drinks and energy drinks also usually contain high levels of acids.

Citrus juices and fruits also have high levels of acidity, although, unlike soft drinks, they have health benefits, so they are taken in moderation and with foods that are not acidic to neutralize the acidity and the damage to the enamel.

It is important to avoid candy, sweets and jellybeans, since their high level of sugar contributes to the deterioration of the enamel.