Tooth trembling and mechanisms to warm the body

When our body temperature drops, the cold receptors, to warm the organism, send impulses to the hypothalamus, which is a body in charge of controlling the temperature of the body.

Other reactions of the body when it is found at low temperatures are:

  • Contract the blood vessels. The vasoconstriction of the skin has as its mission to flow less warm blood through the outer layers and thus save heat.
  • Produce adrenaline and thyroxin to increase heat production.
  • Raise the heart rate and tense and cause tremor in the muscles to generate heat. In line with this last reaction, it is very common to shiver with the whole body when we are cold, because the muscles contract involuntarily. The muscles of the cheek area move rapidly and rhythmically and the jaws collide with each other.

On the opposite side, when it is very hot, the thermoregulation system of the body has other mechanisms such as sweating to try to always maintain body temperature at 37 degrees Celsius.